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CNN outfoxed, makes desperate deal for local news. Fox alone will prey upon newspapers & local TV affiliates for local news domination. 5/22/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in CNN, Fox, Local news.

My speculation last week that Fox had a clever plan to take over newspaper and local TV news, and grab local advertising revenues, got a big credibility boost today. CNN, apparently desperate to get into the local news game, has struck a baffling news-sharing deal with Internet Broadcasting, which publishes web sites for an otherwise unaffiliated collection of local TV affiliates. Somehow, local news stories from a hodge-podge of CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox affiliates are going to be made available to CNN’s site, while CNN’s national and international news stories are going to appear on this hodge-podge of TV station sites.

And why, exactly, does this make sense? In their broadcasts, most of these TV stations offer news programming that competes with CNN. And, are we expected to believe that in the future of news, there will be a market for web sites that specialize in local news while also providing national/international news, and a separate market for sites that specialize in national/international news while also providing local news? In contrast, unlike CNN, Fox has set-up its own network of local TV affiliates who, because of their common and inseparable business interests, already share news, corporate branding, web site technology, and even web-based advertising revenues. By working together, the Fox family can create web-based news outlets in each metro area that combine national, international, local, sports, and entertainment news, in both text and video formats, that are superior to anything that can be offered by local newspapers and non-Fox local TV affiliates. But at least CNN has picked-up Fox’s scent — most metro area news outlets, whose core businesses are on-the-line, remain unaware that Fox has already entered their henhouse.


1. Larry - 5/23/07

I understand that part of the reasoning for this was to get a share of the ‘ad revenue’ presumably from click through’s etc. It is indeed the IN THING nowadays. There are even sites that (I understand) just display ads on web addresses of common misspellings – and make a bundle!

But if the CNN Suits think that this will fund their longer-range goals, they are sadly mistaken. When the big players get on board a fad, its time to get off. The internet will move away from them.

FOX’s approach is based on a clear direction independet of fads.

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