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Off with their Headlines! Reuters sale yet another abdication by a Royal Family of news, as an era of oppression comes to an end 5/15/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Editorial independence, Founding families, Reuters.

Who came up with this silly notion that news outlets would have greater “editorial independence” to criticize government, follow more enlightened principles, and report with less bias if the founders’ descendants and their families were granted more corporate voting power than their financial stockholdings merited? OK, it must have been the descendants themselves, but why did the rest of us go along with this? As a result, the news we have been receiving has been controlled not by our best, brightest, hardest-working, highest-achieving, most customer-pleasing, or most electorally successful, but by powerful monarchies unworthy of free societies — an inbred, insular, marketplace-unresponsive ruling class that is now steadily, and thankfully, being overthrown. When all is said and done, money is thicker than blood. Chicago’s McCormicks, LA’s Chandlers, and St. Louis’ Pulitzers have already cashed-out. Stockholders are now pushing the NY Times’ Sulzbergers and Dow Jones’ Bancrofts up against the ropes. And on Tuesday, we learned that the Reuters family’s hand-picked board of elites, known as the “Reuters Founders Share Company,” is allowing their acquisition by The Thomson Corporation. Reuters’ news will finally be in the hands of individuals who are under financial pressure to give news customers what they want, rather than pressure to pander to the ideologies, ego needs, and whims of a lucky sperm club. The encouragement that the Reuters’ move will give to dissatisfied stockholders may not be good news to founding families, but it would have been good news to the Founding Fathers.


1. Larry - 5/16/07

I’ll believe it when Reuters dispatches start calling TERRORISTS for what they are……TERRORISTS!

2. Timothy Birdnow - 5/18/07

Good news! Perhaps we will have a free press in a hundred years or so.

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