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Emerging DC Madam sex scandal will measure progress toward news’ multi-partisan future 4/29/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in ABC News, DC, Escort service, Madam, Palfrey, Pamela Martin, Prostitution, Sex Scandal, Tobias.

The owner of a 13-year-old DC escort service charged by federal agents with running a prostitution ring has released 10-15,000 phone numbers exclusively to ABC News. Apparently some of these Johns are “very prominent people,” and some of the 132 escorts hold “important and serious jobs.” Since we are talking about DC…and a period of time that spanned both Democrat and Republican administrations…and the unlikelihood that the ladies checked political party affiliations at the bedroom door, it would seem safe to speculate that not less than half of the now “very worried” must be from the left side of the political spectrum. But, we are also talking about a story controlled by ABC News, so none of this really matters. ABC instinctively reached for its usual templates — “anti-Bush,” “culture of corruption,” and “right-wing hypocrite.” So far, they have released two names, bagging Bush’s former, pro-abstinence, anti-prostitution “AIDS czar” who resigned on Friday, and fingering the fellow who created the Iraq war’s “shock and awe” combat theory. But, it will not be until the next 6-inch high-heeled shoe drops that we will learn just how far news has progressed. If it’s a slow, ABC-controlled drip-drip-drip of Republican officials, the answer will be “not very far.” On the other hand, if through leaks, blogger revelations, or Sweeps Week competitive pressures this becomes a full-blown, multi-partisan sex scandal, that will be a “crude indicator” of progress.


1. Zorg - 4/30/07

But this isn’t important. it’s just about sex. Anyway, no one expects the Demoncrats to be moral.

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