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Cable TV news soars with variety of personalities and styles, while Couric crushed by CBS’ inability to get past Cronkite model 4/24/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Anchor, Cable TV, CBS, Couric, Cronkite, News.

It has now been 44 years since Walter Cronkite created the original role of the “male authoritative anchor” for network TV news, and CBS has been a one-trick pony ever since. They can’t even stretch the anchor role far enough to cover a woman like Katie Couric, who bears the positive image of a sensible, friendly, level-headed, strong, and trustworthy female. Meanwhile, cable TV succeeds with a spectrum of strong news personalities from the combative to the funny — Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews, Shepard Smith, Nancy Grace, Lou Dobbs, Greta Van Susteren, Larry King, and even comedian Jon Stewart. In fact, cable TV even succeeds with newscasters who have no discernable personality or style at all, but are simply drop-dead gorgeous. The truth is that the networks have been caught flat-footed. They have never seriously tried to compete with each other, much less with alternative news outlets, and they don’t know how. Katie will be tossed overboard soon, but it is too late. The networks have lost their moorings, they will eventually need to drop their anchors, and network TV news will sink.


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