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Google = Yellow Pages. Just the first of many winning formulas for Internet advertising 4/21/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Advertising revenues, Earnings, Google, Google benefits, Internet advertising, Online advertising, Search function, Yellow Pages.

Google’s incredible success in drawing advertiser dollars is primarily based on three benefits it has pioneered: 1) a keyword search function that naturally yields small audiences with specialized interests that are attractive to advertisers; 2) pricing that allows advertisers to share in the lower delivery costs of advertising on the Internet vs. print, broadcast, cable, and direct mail; and 3) newly affordable access to much larger audiences to smaller advertisers and those with geographically-diffused customer bases. These are surprisingly parallel to the new benefits that were provided by Yellow Pages at the time of their introduction. Among Google’s benefits, only the keyword search function is proprietary within its core business. But in the future, we will be spending less of our time searching and more of our time regularly visiting the sites that survived a Darwinian process based upon successfully meeting our needs and those of the like-minded. Our judgment and experiences will supercede choices made for us by search engines, and the sites we visit regularly will offer to advertisers audiences that are even better filtered than those provided by Google.


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