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Rupert Murdoch poised to dominate the future of news 4/19/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Fox News, Future of news, MySpace, Newroo, News Corporation, NY Post, Rupert Murdoch.

In the race for the future of news, only Rupert Murchdoch’s News Corporation has completed the first couple of laps, while virtually every other news organization is either at the starting blocks or running in the wrong direction. With a media empire that already included 20th Century Fox films, Fox News, NY Post, and dozens of media outlets throughout the Anglosphere, his 2005 purchase of MySpace represented a brilliant recognition that chatter among friends and family is not only legitimate “news,” but that it is actually the news that interests us most. Now he is giving MySpace users a plaything, online news stories, for them to rank and embed in their postings. In essence, he is creating a vast incubator that may ultimately hatch the news outlets of the future — the core of which will be editors who point to and comment upon news created by others, and in the process form loyal communities that are custom-segmented to attract advertisers (see my predictions for a “News Associators” role in the future of news in the Permanent Articles section of this web site). Murdoch has even given his competitors a slick head-fake, leading them to believe that his latest move is nothing but a defensive move to “keep-up” with user-rated news services like Digg, or an effort to boost advertising revenues by keeping viewers on MySpace longer. Rupert Murdoch is now the smartest person in the room, and he is making fools of the rest of us.


1. The Glenn Beck Review - 6/19/10

I have a post up on my home page this weekend about Murdoch that you may enjoy. When I found the information, it made my eyes open.

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