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The Politico provides false hope to old media journalists 4/14/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Journalism, Online journalism, Politico, Washington Post.

Print journalists swooned in January when 2 former Washington Post writers founded “The Politico,” billed as a model for the future of news. It delivers news both in newspapers and online. It focuses on politics. Most of its reporters have been plucked from old media outlets. We are told that it reflects the news landscape to come, in which niche web sites rather than general interest newspapers will reign. In other words, newspaper journalists can keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing – serving as middlemen between news events and news consumers, using the same skills they learned in j-school, and in this case spending most of their time focusing on the workings of government. The biggest difference will be that their stories will appear in pixels instead of print. Unfortunately for journalists in this state of denial, the value to news consumers of their services as middlemen is sinking rapidly, their j-school-taught practices are losing in a newly competitive marketplace, and most of us do not live our lives waiting for the next act of politics or government. The Politico is simply not the future of news.


1. Lloyd Kinney - 11/12/08


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