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France Surrenders to Google 4/7/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in AFP, France, France24, Google, GoogleNews.

Paris-based wire service Agence France-Presse (AFP) has reportedly settled a $17.5 million lawsuit with Google, which can now post AFP’s articles on Google News (Hat Tip: David Strom). The terms were not disclosed, which is too bad because we can all use a good laugh. Make no mistake about it — AFP is not the independent news organization it pretends to be, but an arm of the French government. One-third of its Board Members are government employees and the government is its largest subscriber. In these past few years as French President, Jacque Chirac has been on a failed quest to regain France’s relevance on the world stage. His efforts included attempts to place France in control of the EU, grandstanding at the UN, plans to launch a European competitor to Google, development of a so-far unsuccessful Airbus commercial jet that is bigger than a Boeing 747, and most recently a new French TV/Internet international news channel called “France24” to compete with CNN. It is inconceiveable that in the remaining days of his less-than-glorious reign Chirac would want news from a French perspective blacked-out by Google.


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