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Google/Yahoo/AOL/MSN will not be the competitive line-up for news advertisers 4/5/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Competition, Money.

This analysis from Jupiter Research reflects the conventional wisdom on how to look at the competitive environment for advertising on the Internet — a mindset that will soon become obsolete. Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN may be the four largest portals in terms of traffic, delivering the most viewers, but this is a rather crude way of looking at how advertisers will be selecting sites on which to advertise. These portals are better described as alternative “News Frameworkers” (see Permanent Articles on this site) that provide the infrastructure through which third-party content can be delivered. But, the new game for advertisers will not be about selecting the portal with the largest traffic — it will be about reaching good prospects based on content. It is true that search routines narrow down audiences to better prospects, and this has been key to Google’s financial success. But ultimately, this narrowing down, and most of the advertising revenue, will be based upon the relative ability of sites to attract regular, like-minded audiences based on their content.


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