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Silicon Valley may “get it” first 3/19/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Journalism.

The authors of the recently released “The State of the News Media” by the Project for Excellence in Journalism ask whether the current news industry has a vision that is bold enough, and if the next visionary leader might come from a place that thrives on innovation, like Silicon Valley. Perhaps not coincidentally, I have been finding some of the clearest thinking coming from Silicon Valley, as demonstrated on the blog of tech PR firm Eastwick Communications, which picked-up on one of my recent posts. The post says, “journalism can never be truly unbiased…each news department selects which stories to cover and which reporters to cover it.” Exactly right, and the public’s recognition of these inevitable biases continues to grow. Ultimately, those with bias who are unapologetic and willing to admit it will be recognized as honorable advocates in the coming marketplace of ideas. Eastwick also has it right that having a bias does not mean that one cannot be fair in the presentation of opposing views, and in fact this is helpful in establishing trust. That’s good thinking from an agency that in the future, like all PR firms, will be moving-up in the delivery of news from the supply lines to the front line.


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