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Gore TV: An idea whose time has gone 3/12/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Structure.

Former Vice President Al Gore is now in Britain, launching the puzzling cable TV channel he co-founded with Joel Hyatt. “Current TV” is designed to carry short, user-created video clips, allegedly to appeal to those of the “Internet generation,” who “demand interactivity.” In other words, YouTube for cable TV, but with many fewer opportunities for video-sharing, less selection, and viewing that is not on-demand. Argues Gore, “It’s fundamentally different. Instead of going through a million different videos, some of which are …not very interesting – we will do that for you and find the highest quality, best produced, most fascinating, most compelling material.” Of course, sites like YouTube and Digg already provide this service (powered by user ratings), and countless bloggers call our attention to the videos they consider most noteworthy. Which makes us wonder whether Al Gore has actually visited the Internet since the time he invented it.


1. Laurence Hallas - 3/24/07

Gore’s zealotry was on display last week as he presented his “passionate” views on global warming (and that Man is the culprit).

Physically he looked a wreck, but certainly The Part.

Zealots are humorless and should be avoided…no doubt this advice should be followed when investing with one!

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